Tewin Stores and Cafe is a community shop run by volunteers and registered as an Industrial and Provident Society under the Co-operative and Communities Act 2014.  The shop sells, newspapers, household goods, and is licensed for the sale of alcohol. Our Courtyard Cafe offers tea, coffee and light meals.

Tewin Stores run by the Village for the Village


Latest News

The Tewin Stores is very pleased to welcome 3 new Members who have joined the Shop Committee this summer.


The Shop and Cafe, with the help of Bev our Manager, rely for its continued success on both the time and the good will that is offered by volunteers - those who work in the shop, serve on the  Committee, help at events or carry out essential maintenance


Over the past 14 years our beloved shop has been supported by  very many Tewin volunteers. The roll call includes those who are now elderly and infirm or have passed away, those who have moved house, and those who have now found paid employment. 


As the people and volunteers change, so Tewin Stores changes.

To remain relevant and successful, the Stores needs you to get involved

Come into the shop or contact us at tewinstores.co.uk